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Can I place an order without creating an account?
Yes, you certainly can! However, you will not be able to modify your order or check on the status of your order. We highly recommend that you create an account.

How do I create an account?
You can create an account by clicking on the "Create an account" link at the top of our website. You can also create your account by registering on our website.

How do I reset my password?
To reset your password, log into your account and click on "Log In" at the top of our website. Select "Forgot your password?" and follow the steps.


How will I know if my order has shipped?
You will receive an email notifying you that your order has shipped. Your email will include a tracking number for you to track your package. You may also check on your order status by visiting your account page while logged in.

Can I edit or cancel my order?
Due to our quick turnaround, you may not be able to edit or cancel your order after it is placed. Contact us immediately if there are issues with your order.

How do I track my order?
You will receive an email when your order has shipped. The email will include your tracking number. You may also visit your account page while logged in to check on the status of your order and to locate your tracking number.

My order never arrived.
Contact us to resolve issues with your order.

I received my order, but there are issues with it.
Contact us to resolve issues with your order.


Visit our Shipping & Returns page for details on these topics. 


What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards such as American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. We also accept Paypal.

Do I have to pay sales tax?
Texas residents will need to pay sales tax. There is no sales tax for residents in all other states.

When will my credit card be charged?
Your credit card will immediately be charged when your order is placed.

I have a question about my charges.
Contact us with any questions or concerns you have about your charges.


How do I buy/redeem a gift certificate?
To purchase a gift certificate, visit the "Gift Certificates" link at the bottom of our website.

How do I use a coupon code or promotional code?
If you have a coupon or promotional code, simply enter your code at checkout. Some promotional codes require you to be logged into your account.